Swedish Redwood Timber Stable Doors

This is our standard timber stable door. It is 2.1m high and 1.2m wide made from pressure treated Swedish Redwood Timber. All of the hinges and fittings are galvanised.



Swedish Redwood Timber Stable Doors fitted onto timber door frames. Dimensions 2.1m x 1.2m. Stable Doors pressure treated with Osmoses Naturewood.

Swedish Redwood stable doors are of the highest quality; we only use Swedish Redwood as it is a quality timber. A Swedish Redwood stable door is 150mm x 30mm of timber, braced with 150mm x 30mm and a sheet of plywood fixed to the rear of the door. Swedish Redwood stable doors can be stained with a teak stain, pressure-treated green or clear deck oil.

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