Timber Entrance Gates

Paddock Gates

Our Wooden Paddock / Gooseneck Gates are an ideal way to create a stunning entrance to your home or to perhaps enhance your existing entrance.  All our gates are handcrafted from premium Swedish Redwood and are morticed and tenoned before treatment with Osmoses Naturewood prior to assembly. 

We supply a full range of gateposts as well as a wide variety of Galvanised fittings to furnish the fitting of all timber and wooden gates. All gates can be made to customer requirements and tailored to your specifications where possible.

We stock Paddock Gates, Gooseneck Gates, Picket Gates, as well as Gates with Heavy Bottom Rails, to allow for more strength when fitting electric components.

We’re happy to answer any queries you may have and we’ll gladly offer any recommendations with regards to your particular gate requirements.Contact us today on (071) 9631040 or email at sales@crowesawmills.ie

Canal Gate
Canal Gate
Pair of 2.1m Paddock Gates

Gooseneck Gates

Picket Gates

Heavy Bottom Rail

Picket Timber Gates
Picket Timber Gates
Traditional Timber Farm Gate

Gooseneck Picket Gates

Goosneck Picket Gates
Goosneck Picket Timber Gates
Goosneck Picket Timber Gates

Gooseneck Gates with Heavy Bottom Rail