3 Rail Fence Morticed Timber

Three Rail Mortice fence using 145mm x 145mm Post head posts and 145mm x 41mm Spruce Rails


This 3 rail mortice fence is using 1.8mm 145mm x 145mm Larch Post Head Posts and 4.8m 145mm x 41mm Rails.

All of our Mortice Fencing Posts are made from Larch Posts. The posts are Planed All Over and Pressure Treated once they have been crafted to the customer specifications. There are three options for the post head. The Diamond Top, Special Top and Post Head Top. This product uses the Post Head design.

The rails used in Mortice Fencing are either 145mm x 41mm or 120mm x 41mm. They are made from Spruce and are pressure treated and Planed All Over. They slide through the posts. There is a slight amount of wiggle room built into the posts to allow for seamless assembly.