Douglas Fir Timber Entrance Gates

Pair of Douglas Fir Gates. These gates are made from Douglas Fir TImber and can be made to bespoke measurements.


Pair of Douglas Fir Timber Entrance gates 3.6m in total width. They are hung on concrete piers and are fitted with Black Galvanised Hinges and fittings. 

All of our timber gates are made by hand in our sawmill in Mohill, Co. Leitrim. These timber gates are made from the highest of standards Douglas Fir timber. We mortice and tenon the individual pieces of timber and then pressure treat all of the timber with Osmoses Naturewood. We do it in this order to ensure that all of our gates are treated to the highest quality.

All of our timber gates can be made to bespoke measurements to fit concrete piers or to make the most of your entrance gap. To fit timber gates to concrete piers you just need to add ‘hook on plates’ to your order. We can recommend fitters for your timber gates if required. 

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