With the summer approaching and the weather starting to pick up, it’s time to start thinking about holding garden parties. We have created an infographic that looks at planning the perfect garden party.

When it comes to planning the perfect garden party there are some tips which you should follow.

Bring the Indoors Out

Soft furnishings, candlesticks and even pictures and decorations can all be added to an outside space to make it feel like a room. Just be sure to bring everything in at the end of your party to protect it from rain, or invest in weatherproof pieces that can remain outdoors, making your alfresco room ready for use as soon as the sun comes out.

Create Different Zones

If you have room, create a seating area as well as space for tables and chairs, so that guests have a place to relax with a drink before settling down to lunch or supper. For those of us with small-scale outdoor spaces, a few floor cushions scattered in one part of the garden can achieve a similar feeling.

Prepare for the Evening

The best barbecues and garden parties go on right into the evening. String up some fairy lights and have candles in hurricane lamps or tea-light holders at the ready, to light when day turns to dusk. Then just put the kids to bed and sit back with a long drink.

Plan For All Weathers

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for all weather eventualities. A home with flowing indoor-outdoor space, like this house with its impressive glass box extension, is already well set up for quick dashes inside when it rains. An equally effective and more purse-friendly alternative is to put up a gazebo, perhaps with the barbecue positioned under it, so that any sudden showers won’t dampen the party.

Clear the Lawn

A patch of lawn is a lovely place for children to play before dinner and, if you spread out some rugs, works as additional seating for little ones, who are more at home on the ground. It also creates a safe space for them, away from the barbecue or any cooking areas.

Keep It Simple

While it is sometimes fun to go all out on your summer party decoration, it’s good to remember that the event is as much about the people as the presentation. So, marry style with simplicity when you set the table, leaving yourself time to enjoy your friends and family. A few candles, plenty of foldaway seating, a bunch of flowers and you’re ready to enjoy a relaxed summer party.

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