Wooden Gates Ireland and Timber Gate Ireland

Timber Gates Ireland

All of our timber gates are made from Swedish Redwood or Larch timber for extra durability and longevity. We are one of the leading suppliers of timber gates that Ireland has to offer and the quality of our products, is our top priority.

Wooden Gates Ireland

Our wooden gates are mortise-and-tenoned with good tight joints. We pressure treat all of our timber gates with Osmoses Naturewood as standard unless we are specified not to by our clients, however we do strongly recommend it.

It is imperative that of all timber/wooden gates and timber fencing are pressure treated. We supply a full range of garden gates and gateposts as well as a wide variety of galvanised fittings to furnish the fitting of all timber / wooden gates.

Wide Range of our Timber Gates

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Crowe’s Paddock Timber Gates are constructed from imported Swedish redwood and are pressure treated with Osmose Naturewood preservative.

Larch Timber Gates are manufactured from T-G-V 150×32 larch timber. They’re made as matching sets and to bespoke measurements. They can be pressure treated if required.

Crowe’s Gooseneck Gates are constructed from imported Swedish redwood and are pressure treated with Osmose Naturewood preservative.

Timber Garden Gates Ireland

We have an extensive range of garden gates. Ireland is fortunate enough to have many fine sawmills, but our portfolio has some beautiful woods being used. Our garden gates would add a distinctive feel to your home and its surrounds. These garden gates are made to order and will be pressure treated prior to installation as standard. As one of the top providers of garden gates that Ireland has, we can guide you through the process of selecting the right option for you and your garden as we are always happy to help.

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All gates can be made to special dimensions if required and treated with ‘Osmoses’ Naturewood wood preservative as standard. All gates come standard 1600mm x 900mm, but can be made to suit your requirements. Black hinges & latch come standard with all gates.

Contact us for Timber Post and Rail Fencing

If you are looking for the leading supplier of post and rail fencing that Ireland has to offer, give us a call on (071) 9631040 or send us an email at crowesawmills@eircom.net

We are happy to take your enquiries and make recommendation for all of your post and rail fencing needs.
Crowe’s Sawmills…. the top choice for post and rail fencing in Ireland.

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