We we are closing for summer holidays
From: Friday July 30th to Monday August 16th 


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We are offering a wide range of timber fencing products, post and rail fencing, and stud rail fencing, all pressure treated. We manufacture all our timber fencing products, mortice fencing at our Sawmill. Follow link to
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We manufacture picnic tables, vegetable boxes, garden sleepers, pergolas and flower boxes. We also manufacture garden gates and side entrance gates. All these products are pressure treated with Osmoses Naturewood. Follow link to
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Timber Products

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We aim to provide high quality timber, fencing products, and equestrian products to our customers. Our core business is sawmilling with the standard supply of timber for construction purposes and, timber by-products such as wood chip, mini chip bark-mulch, fence products and gateposts.
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We provide a range of fence panels from round top panels, curved panels, feather edge panels to special top panels, trellis and special top picket fence. All panels come 1.8m x 1.8m, 1.8m x 1.5m or 1.8m x 1.2m standard, they can also be made to suit customer requirements
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We stock an extensive range of decking products from deck joists to hand rail systems. Timber used in the manufacture of timber decking products is sourced from well managed & renewable resources & is certified by the Forest Stewart Council
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We offer a wide range of Timber Gates from Paddock Timber Gates, Gooseneck Timber Gates to Entrance Timber Gates, all made to suit your required openings. All our timber Gates are made from Swedish Redwood, Douglas Fir and Larch Timber. Pressure treated with Osmoses Naturewood. Follow link on
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