How do I Pay?

We accept most major credit cards, cheques, cash and (BACS – Computer Bank Transfer). Credit/Debit cards are debited at time of order.

How long does it take to install a timber fence?

Approximately, depending on site conditions and weather permitting, a fencing contractor will erect 60 metres of stud-rail fence per day.  Mortice fencing may be a little less, approx 40 metres.


How do you deliver?

We have our own transport made up of a Landrover Jeep and Ivor Williams Trailor, so that we can get into the tightest of spaces.

What price can I pay for Timber Fencing?

Timber Fencing can vary in price. Prices usually start at around €8 per metre including VAT for a stud rail fence, and go up to €30 per metre for a top of the range Larch Morticed Fence.

How much is it to install a timber fence?

A fence can usually cost about €10 approx per metre to install a fence. Check for a price to install fence when getting a quotation.

Can I have my ‘Timber Fence’ fitted by Crowe’s Sawmills?

Yes, Installation and fitting is a part of our service if the customer requires it. Contact Crowe’s Sawmills Ltd at (071) 9631040 for further information.

Can you fit our ‘Timber Gates’ for us and at what cost?

Yes we can fit timber gates and have done a lot in 2011, cost approx between €150 to €200 tp  fit a set of gates.

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